You can access all the devices that use your application.

App managed by your guests Gain full management of their devices before, during or after they guests’ stay with no extra cost. One of the most popular features of the mobile app is the ability to send a limitless amount of messages in real-time keeping your Guests up to date regarding last minute events and offers.
Your guests get to benefit from special offers and you increase your revenue.

Easily check in your room using just the confirmation number of your reservation.

Guests only need to tap on the application’s
Fast check-in option from 24 hours and up to 30 minutes prior to arrival.
Τhe process is quite straightforward and fast. Guests’ enter their reservation code and their
last name as written on their booking confirmation. The arrival card both be printed and sent via email or text message.

Improving the readability of your business

i-Hotel experience supports multiple languages. The full package includes 10 languages
Covering the basis for the most popular markets (Some translations are partially completed)

Hotel Benefits


In 2014 the percentage of users browsing the world wide web via mobile platforms surpassed the ones using computers.
The hospitality and tourism industry is no exception. One can tell by just looking at the downloads of popular travel-related apps which in some cases amount
To hundreds of millions. This is in no case a static amount but a constantly increasing one.
Large hotel chains are usually the first ones to implement new technologies due to their increased resources and marketing budgets.


Increasing the number of bookings
Promote services
Expanding your business through a new mobile channel
Provide additional services and set your business apart from
Interactive map for your customers and increase of your income
Strengthening customer loyalty & improving the popularity of hotel
Your hotel will be on the main screen of the visitor’s mobile

Your hotel on the main screen of the guests’ phone.
Guests can now use their mobile devices To plan their holidays and book rooms.
A large percentage of guests book a hotel while already travelling. A mobile app gives them
the opportunity to do that in the simplest way possible.
One just needs to click on the hotel’s app icon and place a booking. The existence of the app icon will by itself encourage the guests to revisit the app.

Unlimited, in real time

One of the most
popular features of the mobile app
is the ability to send a limitless amount
of messages in real-time keeping your
Guests up to date regarding last minute
events and offers.
Your guests get to benefit from special offers
and you increase your revenue
You can post upcoming events at the hotel or in the area to encourage repeat visits.
Through the application you can also forward Twitter posts

improve the popularity of your business

Guests who download your hotel’s app will feel connected to your business and have constant access to posts regarding special events at the hotel or in the area. The fact that they have chosen to download the app, allows you to know what they want to hear from you and that they feel that your hotel represents themselves and their lifestyle.


Providing additional services and Diversification of Market

We believe that no matter what size your property is, no matter how many rooms you have, and what type of accommodation you offer, you as hotel entrepreneur should say "yes" to any new technology that will help create and increase your revenue, and allow you to expand your activities through a new commercial channel that is being used by your guests.

Even if you have a limited customer base, don’t you think that your customers deserve to have access to new technologies? Have you considered the usability of a mobile app that gives you the opportunity to keep your customers forever, updated with all the hotel’s innovations and dynamics?

A fun and useful feature for your customers, the interactive map will help your customers find their way around your location and choose from a variety of bars, restaurants, cultural sites, local attractions and what your hotel recommends.
Increase your income by selling advertising space to local companies
Your business can benefit by selling advertising space in your application to local businesses.

The application opens a totally new gateway to the hotel so you can communicate with your visitors before, during and after their stay. Due to the flexibility and advanced features of the applications, you can maintain the same high standards that reflect the look and feel of your hotel. The application allows the use of high quality photos, videos and maps suitable for viewing on smaller screens.

Use the application as a sales tool

You can use the mobile app as a sales tool. Some hotels are exploring ways to create temporary mobile apps to promote a meeting or wedding. Also, customers who have downloaded the mobile app are more likely to send it to friends and relatives. They can also send virtual postcards with a picture from your gallery.
Full control of the content and direct news communication
You can monitor your own content through the content management system. You can also inform your guests about last minute changes at the hotel, such as a change of the opening times at your restaurant.

Providing additional services and Diversification of Market

A mobile app can help establish your hotel as an innovative service provider for demanding travellers. Guests will feel special when they receive exclusive offers and publish relevant news in real time. In the future, more and more hotels will have their own mobile apps, but those who first make use of mobile apps will benefit from the diversification of the market and attract the attention of the press and potential visitors.

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