AboutHotelier joins business intelligence & data technologies with “OtaScanner”platform

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AboutHotelier joins business intelligence & data technologies with “OtaScanner”platform

About a year ago, AboutHotelier decided to take a new turn when we started noticing our clients worry about their parity in OTAs and whether the revenue management strategy they followed was a profitable one. Having had received numerous requests among more than 700 clients we managed, we decided to start working on a solution to provide leading-edge hotel revenue management technology and to develop a platform that would “relieve” them. We started by gathering the data. Our aim was to own the ability to understand and address revenue managers’ needs and be able to materialize their expectations.


The rate shopper and rate intelligence platform, Ota Scanner, is AboutHotelier’s brand new addition. We are proud to have developed an interface that helps hospitality businesses such as hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals optimize their revenue and improve profitability. It’s a unique method of providing visibility into all of our key distribution channels, which is vital in each hotel’s efforts to improve rate parity. Hospitality companies like the Blue Villas Collection, SWOT etc. as well as other independent hotels like Egnatia Palace Hotel, Contaratos Beach Hotel etc. are only some of the firsts to show great confidence in the platform’s potential to bring about success to hotels’ revenue.


This simple-to-use platform provides revenue managers & hotel owners with intuitive real-time access to competitor rates, online channel insights, competitors’ availabilities, ratings, reviews and city demand forecasts as well as popular events and holidays, all of which are used to impact short and long-term pricing strategies. The continued ability to provide timely and relevant business solutions is what makes it a very responsive business partner. Hotels are able to produce and track pricing across all digital channels making it better for the consumer to complete a booking.


Giannis Koutsopoulos, AboutHotelier CEO and co-founder said:
“Our continuous aim is to keep growing our global client base and accelerate the delivery of the latest data and business intelligence products to the hospitality industry.”