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“All in One” Packages

Abouthotelier offers competitive packages, suitable both for hotelsthat wish to change their online image

and for hoteliers that wish to advance their existing ranking.

By selecting one of these packages, you insure the development

for a combination of services that aim for the proper management of your online image.

  •   Yearly Plans
  • ➊ Hotel Website Design

    Professional websites with modern design for all devices, seo-friendly and easily manageable.
  • ➋ Price check widget "Ratestrip"

    Price Comparison Tool on your website. Compare your hotel’s official price with your prices on OTAs. Increase your direct bookings up to 54%.
  • ➋ Reviews & comments Monitor

    Displaying review scores from multiple OTAs and review sites.
  • ➌ Email Marketing Platform

    Send mass and automated emails with GDPR-friendly filters and benefit from the statistics provided. Connection with WebHotelier & Channel Manager.
  • ➍ Online Booking Engine

    “WebHotelier” Booking Engine. It includes the booking engine setup, training, customer support and integration to the website.
  • ➎ iHotel Manager Application

    iHotel Management Application for hotels using WebHotelier & Primal Res. Manage your availability, rates, reservations etc. with a smart app.
  • ➏ Marketing Services

    It includes: a) Social Manager for 2 channels (Facebook, Instagram) b) Management of meta-search advertisements (up to € 500,000), c)SEO comparison and analysis of your competition
  • ➐ Rate Intelligence "Ota Scanner"

    Learn about your competition, Rate Shopping (2 channels), Monitor Review, Events Manager, City Demand, Compare your hotel with up to 5 competitors.
  • ➑ Channel Manager"

    The cost for “Primal Res” Channel Manager depends on the number of rooms and channels. Request more information.
  • ➒ Sales Consulting

    a) Design, analysis & proper price strategy b) Sales tracking and addition of the necessary partners c) Addition & promotion of offers per period d) Market watch, proper policies, sales boost

Save 20%

BusinessGet your business up and running.
  • 120/mo (Pay Yearly)
  • Free for 2 months.

  • *Ask for more info*

Save 40%

GrowLevel up with features that grow with you.
  • 220/mo (Pay Yearly)
  • Free for 4 months.

  • *Ask for more info*

Save 20%

ProffesionalAdd more power to your marketing
  • 320/mo (Pay Yearly)
  • *Ask for more info*

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