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Surely you must have heard about the new European Regulation known as GDPR (General
Data Protection Regulation) that protects the personal information that you share with others
via the Internet. It’s about protecting and respecting users’ privacy. That’s why the fuss over it.

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Did you get to know your rights under the new regulation?


In summary, every organization or company that stores your personal data must protect it and let you know how they use it. What you have to keep in mind, though, is that you can request from any organization or company to permanently delete whatever personal information they have stored about you or even stop processing it in any way.

When browsing, you know you’re safe.


At, we respect your personal data and that’s why we have developed a remarkable security system! We perform full-system control and encrypt all your personal data to protect your privacy.
At the same time, we have renewed our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to fully comply with the new regulation and, above all, protect YOU!

ψηφιακο μαρκετινγκ για ξενοδοχεια - Abouthotelier

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