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Our approach is based on quality

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We build your website

Perfect quality across devices. We don’t just build your website.We take care of each and every detail that will make the difference. We improve your digital presence in a fully responsive and effective way.

digital marketing για ξενοδοχεια - Abouthotelier

Reservations – Web Hotelier

Security, Credibility, Speed. Get the potential you need  for the maximization of your sales. Flexibility, speed, security, mass reservations. These are what we offer.

digital marketing για ξενοδοχεια - Abouthotelier

iHotel Concierge

We expand your business. A solution for new generation hotels that aim at offering an unforgettable experience to their customers. We help you develop relationships of trust and increase your revenue.

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Channel Manager

We are always by your side. We offer you the easiest way to manage your channels. Increase your hotel’s credibility through, seamlessly, distributing your listings in all major OTAs and vacation rental sites.

Our approach is based on quality

We have high standards which prove that our approach is based on quality, robust error management, guarantees and open communication. These characteristics allow us to work focusing on quality, based on the interest of our clients.

We shape your future

We are thinking today about the business of tomorrow and we are placing particular emphasis on transfering our expertise as an additional value. Through this dynamic dialogue we promote cooperation and shape the future together with our partners.

Ceo - Co Founder
Koutsopoulos Giannis

The main members of Abouthotelier's team are people who have their own hotels and, therefore, thorough knowledge and opinion about the hotel industry.

About us

The main members of Abouthotelier’s team are people who have their own hotels and, therefore, thorough knowledge and opinion about the hotel industry. . Using our special knowledge about tourism and, more specifically, the Hospitality domain, we offered hoteliers new generation technologies & innovations creating new ways of communication for modern travellers. This kind of knowledge is priceless since it is incorporated in the development and unique function of Abouthotelier’s products. Our experience in all sectors of a hotel is what gives as the ability to make the best decisions for the right promotional moves.


Our Philosophy – Our Mission


Our philosophy is to gain the respect, trust as well as our client’s preference through our work, which combine constant & effective support at all levels.

Our large client list, that constantly grows, is the guarantee that our products and services are of high quality.

Our mission is to offer complete communication proposals combining creativeness and originality. The main goal of our company is to provide quality services consistently and effectively. We develop stretegic cooperations aiming at direct results.

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Secure your hotel’s online future.

AboutHotelier, based on its staff’s experience, develops for  you the most advanced tools, designed especially to boost your hotel and help you create a dominant industry in the tourist sector. And all that, with respect for your work.


We use an innovative software and cloud technology services offering 4 basic tools- Website – Booking Engine – Mobile Concierge App – Email Marketing Platform that renders you capable of managing all communication and sales channels of your hotel through one unified system.


We develop your company facilitating and improving all your e-commerce activities and the online promotion of your hotel. We Break the ground, Optimize, Strengthen, Support, and Invest for your own Future…

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