MARKETING SERVICES contributes both to the organisation and the implementation of your Marketing strategy,
providing guidance to your company for the effective promotion of your products or/and services and
ensuring that customers not only desire those products/services but are also willing to purchase them.
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Data Driven Digital Advertising

Data - driven communication strategies and full utilization of analytics that lead to more satisfied customers and, therefore, to more bookings.

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Conversion Optimized Websites

The increase of Conversion Optimized Websites is achieved through making your website more targetted,more functional, more practical and more convincing.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a wide-ranging set of individual marketing methods, that are used for the promotion of websites and the increase of the number of visits to the website.

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Social Media Marketing offers you marketing services ranging from a simple online presence to a more complete Social Media strategy!

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Content Development

Creating a targeted and qualitative content which leads to more conversions. Convert your website's visitors into bookers.

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Creative Design

We design imaginative and functional websites that meet the needs of modern users, offering them a unique experience.

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Strategy & Planning

Effective strategies and planning based on the needs of every hotel, for the purposes of best promoting your lodging. You just have to trust us and wait for the results.

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Data Insights & Analytics

We convert data and our knowledge about customers into results leading to the increase of your sales. We have many years experience in the field.

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E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a method of direct promotion of products via e-mails as a means of communication between the customer and the advertiser.

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