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Boost your reservations, save time
and maximize your revenue

Channel Manager is the top cloud platform, managed by Abouthotelier for
tracking availability, pirce and room management changes directly, in real time!


Do you wish to increase your revenue? Then handle all your
rooms online in more than one OTAs at the same time.

Get more reservations in as many OTAs as possible.

Primal Res Channel manager Platform.

A unified and effective platform for Booking, Availability and Price management.


Channel manager platform, operated by Abouthotelier, is a modern system of unified reservations management that is designed on the basis of a fast and qualitative customer service, and also on the basis of an effective management and delivery of information on the digital sales channels in a unified and practical environment.


Through using Primal-Res Channel Manager the hotelier can update both the International Reservation Systems and his direct aggreements with various digital sales channels such as Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, etc., in minimum time.

διαχείριση καναλιών hotel channel manager - Abouthotelier
Manage your various accounts in Airbnb, Expedia,, Agoda and many more in a single platform.

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