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Manage your reservations the way OTAs do!

Benefit from tools similar to those used by OTAs for listing reservations.

Make your customers need your services
Foster fast bookings through tools which create an urgent need to your customers, including a countdown
clock for special offers and graphics displaying the “available rooms” and the number of recent bookings.

Compare on your own website the prices from all the channels you are coopertaing with & ensure more direct bookings, showing the
advantages of your own booking engine & explaining the reasons why a customer should book directly from your official website.

“Ratestrip” online comparison tool converts your website’s visitors into real online bookings!

Do you want more direct bookings?

‘Ratestrip’ Price Comparison Tool for Websites.

Secure More Direct Bookings Through Your Website With An Increase Of Up To 54%!

Let your customers compare your online prices with a simple but powerful widget without leaving your website, so they can finalise their booking.


Customers will be certain you offer the best available price. Price Check will lead them easily to the completion of their booking.

Important Benefits:

  • Immediate display of prices
  • Translation into any language
  • It supports various currencies
  • Loyalty Link – Min Stay
  • Availability form

Embedded functions for optimizing conversion

Best Price Automated Guarantee
Urge your customers to book with unique price transparency. The embedded metasearch tool, the first of its kind, can track rates in real time on OTA websites and automatically match prices whenever prices are lower on another site.


Rate calendar
Help travellers find the perfect dates and prices for their stay. The completed calendar of your lodgind’s prices allows visitors to easily check when the lowest prices are available, as well as when your hotel is fully booked and there is no availability.

calendar-price check widgetSmall

Display your hotel’s review ratings

Show potential customers reasons to trust you by listing the ranking of your hotel in many sources like, Trip Advisor,, Google, Facebook.


Adjust your reviews depending on the user.
The platform detects which reviews lead to higher conversion and displays them to your customers automatically!

Clever automated notifications

Web Notification on website

Automatic Notes. Promote your visitors to a web alert reservation.

Automatically post messages based on your site activity (e.g. “number of users searching for this hotel now”) and create customized notes to highlight specific benefits (e.g. “free cancellation up to 24 hours before Check in “).

At the same time you can show the number of bookings made in a day and more..! | Digital Marketing for hotels

Save searches & help your visitors remember you

Help your visitors remember you, so that they complete their reservation later on.

Many users are not ready to confirm their booking on the first visit to your hotel’s website. Our system lets users save their searches and receive an email with your best available price. When they come back to your website, they’ll see a button to resume their previous search. This technique helps people who are searching where to stay.

Parity Alert Report

Parity Alert Report

The Hotel manager platform automatically informs you when there is a difference in price between your channels and the official price offered on your website. With the Parity alert Manager tool, you can deal with any inconsistency between your prices, without worrying.

The next time your channel price will be cheaper than the price on your official website, we will notify you.

We will initially hide the channel price from the Price comparison tool of your website and we will send you an email to let you know that the official price of your page is higher than the prices you have on the channels you are cooperating with (this also includes dates, country, currency, total amount of people), so that you can go to the platform to fix the problem directly and have a reliable and fair price.

Visitors must complete their booking directly at the official rate via your website and not via another collaborative channel which displays higher prices. This is the time for every hotelier to increase his direct bookings, by displaying the best available prices on his website. | Digital Marketing for hotels

Discover all the tools of price check that will help you get direct bookings.


Once they leave your website keep your business name in visitors’ future searches.


We will help your hotel obtain detailed statistical data that will help you in your campaigns.


We display your sales prices in your visitor’s currency based on the IP of their country.

Dynamic planning & Design

Adjust the price comparison application according to the colours, font and layout followed by the theme of your page.

Select the Placing

Place the widget button on any part of the website you want. With special options choose which of the 3 different styles of widget buttons are suitable for you.


Translate into any language supported by your website. Give your visitors the ability to see the prices in their language.

Review Monitor on website

Show potential customers reasons to trust you by listing the rankings of your hotel.

User friendly – Mobile Friendly

The users enjoy the ease with which they can find immediately the best price to make their booking from any device (mobile phones, tablets, desktops).

Statistics and Reports

Statistical graphs with references and overview from bookings, revenue, average overnight stays, number of clicks, number of phone calls and much more that will guide you.

Increase Your Direct Bookings The Smart Way!

Use the ‘Ratestrip’ price comparison tool and achieve up to 54% more direct bookings.