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Unlock your Comapny’s potential with AboutHotelier.

Abouthotelier offers you an innovative hotel booking engine designed to optimize conversion and boost direct bookings

Get reservations directly from your website using the Online Booking System of Webhotelier.

hotel booking engine - Abouthotelier

More than 90% of hoteliers using another booking engine in their website, witnessed a boost in their reservations not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality indexes with an increased Conversion Rate, when setting up webhotelier's booking engine.

hotel booking engine - Abouthotelier

There is no need to install another software or computational system on your computer. All the functions of the system are easily managed via the Internet. Increase reservations, save time and boost your revenue. All you have to do is trust us.

hotel booking engine - Abouthotelier

Backoffice WebHotelier is the best in its category. You can benefit from its powerful operations and functions, such as its dynamic pricing in order to unlock your hotel's real potential. Affordable, powerful technology at your fingertips. See direct results.

hotel booking engine - Abouthotelier

A clever management app that offers limitless possibilities to your modern company as far as the organization & update of your reception operations, availability checks & reservations tracking are concerned. Manage your guests’ stay from reservation to check out.

How does it work?


Your website’s visitor is linked to your own booking engine (Webhotelier) through the connection system we will create for you. The customer  is informed about your prices, offers, availability and makes his reservations  in just 2 steps. Click on a hotel’s website and make your reservation in real time or ask for a demo presentation!

How much does it cost?


For each reservation that takes place through Webhotelier’s booking engine we get a 5€ commission if the total amount of the reservation is under 200€ or a 8,5€ commisssion if the total amount is bigger than 200€! As an alternative you can choose the percentage commission (3%) if you wish to have a steady commission fee.

Demonstrate the same offers on both your website and the OTAs.


WebHotelier booking engine confers on hotel proprietors and tourist accommodation establishments’ owners the following benefits:

  • Dynamic pricing and creation of dynamic hospitality offers.
  • Determination of price lists per room (Room Rates).
  • Multilingualism.
  • Creation of special price lists for cooperators with specific codes.
  • Subsystem for the creation of discount vouchers by using specific codes for advertising/promotion purposes.
  • Safe online payment.
  • Optimization in search engines.
  • Connectivity with other international portals (,,,,,
  • Map display and directions to the hotel.
  • Connection with Travel Agents.
  • Development and management of Member Club,
    Channel manager (connecting OTAs such as,, etc). And all of the above:


a) Without installing another software or computational system in your computer. All functions are easily managed via the Internet.


b) With an extremely small charge which depends on the number of  your reservations.


c) With guaranteed results deriving from our company’s credibility and total support for our clients.

μηχανή κρατήσεων για ξενοδοχεία - Abouthotelier

Our booking engine can be easily installed on your website.

μηχανή κρατήσεων - Abouthotelier

Why is this booking engine “perfect” for your hotel?

Your website is one of the most basic elements of your digital presence. A lot of our clients get more reservations through their website’s booking engine and, as a result, increase their revenue since they don’t have to pay  OTAs’ increased commissions.

Our booking engine will help you turn your website’s visitors into bookers for the following reasons:

a) It is a real selling tool not just an engine in which you have to check and update prices and availability. More than 90% of hoteliers who used a different engine in their website witnessed a boost in their reservations not only in terms of quantity but  also in terms of quality indexes with an increased Conversion Rate, when they set up Webhotelier’s booking engine.


b) It is the most technologically developed booking engine.


c) We win if you win.


d) We speak based on our results.


e) We love our work.


f) We know how hotel businesses work!


g) We offer you an elegant, innovative booking engine designed to optimize conversion and boost direct bookings.

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